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Happy Holidays from FAK!

Here's hoping Santa brings you the Big Baby wardrobe of your dreams!

Time to get your Big Baby wardrobe together for the Holiday season! Marcie is busy custom-making Big Baby clothes and taking care of her family, but she will always make time to consult with you via email (marcie.foreverakid@gmail.com) about your Big Baby wardrobe fantasies!  

Forever A Kid has been in business for 14 years and Marcie thanks all of her customers for their support! 

If you know of a source for Stretch Knits in Juvenile Patterns, please contact us, as our suppliers are making changes.  You can always supply your own fabric; one good place is kidsfabrics.com.

Are you Forever A Kid? Or perhaps Forever A Baby? Then welcome to the best source for creative, custom designed, custom-sized and quality made Adult Baby (AB), Big Baby, Infantilist, Diaper Lover (DL) and Juvenile Adult clothing.

Forever A Kid offers good quality, innovative and creative designs and custom fits for Little Boys and Little Girls who need Baby, Toddler or Juvenile clothing that is realistic and comfortable.    Our detailed Products Listing provides you with over 50 items to choose from.   We know that standard sized clothes (S, M, L, XL) typically don't cut it for most AB/DL clothing as Little Boys and Little Girls come in all sizes and can be pretty particular about the fit, so by completing the Size Chart, you provide us with the information to help  make your clothes fit you!

Hopefully our webpage will give you a more comprehensive idea of our product choices and simplify the ordering process. Our Product List is a culmination of years of feedback from our wonderful clientele - thanks to everyone who provided input and ideas (which are always welcome)!


Forever A Kid is fully AB-aware and welcomes your inquiries as to what we can do to help you realize your fantasies.   If you have something unique in mind, not included on our  Products List, Forever A Kid is very open to working with you to create it.  Perhaps you might send us a picture of that outfit you've always wanted, or send the outfit itself.  Or that " just too cute" pattern for a Little Boy or Girl you bought a while back, but never found someone to make.   Don' be shy!

Marcie looks forward to hearing from you so she can help keep you Forever A Kid
Contact her at

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